Journey to Understanding
This book designed in collaboration with James Goggin and Unit Editions covers the full range of Will Burtin’s career in design, which spanned over forty years. It describes in depth his scientific approach to design; an approach and methodology that led to him acquire international recognition as one of the genuine pioneers in design, particularly in what is know today as Information Design.

The book comprises 11 chapters dealing in detail with all the key aspects of Burtin’s work. The text is extensively illustrated with carefully chosen examples of Burtin’s 3D and 2D projects.

For those new to Burtin, the writers encourage the reader to discover his genius. For those familiar with Burtin, the book offers a deep and thorough appraisal of his contribution to the evolution of visual communication.
Catalog designed with and under the supervision of James Goggin at Practise.


200 x 270mm
576 pages
CMYK throughout + 1 special colour
Cover stock: Multi Grey (outer) Chromolux red (inner)
Book: Magno Volume 1.1 90gsm
Binding: Threadsewn Cold Glue Otastar

Featured in Print Magazine and AIGA Eye on Design